About Dave

Dave and Sons

Dave Gressard’s art is the result of his appreciation and fascination for animals and the environment which surrounds them. Dave finds inspiration in the small things, whether it’s an American Kestrel hovering over a country road or an Anna’s humming bird basking on a mossy branch in the morning sunlight, each are opportunities to capture the world’s natural beauty. Whenever Dave is spending time in the outdoors, you can be sure he will be drawn to a twisted branch or some small annual flowers that he will dutifully preserve and bring home to use as reference in his work.  The simplest things can become the final detail to complete a painting. His studio is full of items that have been or will be part of one of his paintings.

Dave’s appreciation for the natural world around him is founded in his belief that it all is a testimony to the God who created it. Through his art Dave seeks to show his respect and enhance the viewer’s appreciation for the beautifully created world.

Dave graduated from the University of Idaho with a directed studies degree emphasizing art and biology.  He is an avid bird watcher and  enjoys getting into the back country of the West with his two sons whenever possible. Everyday has the potential for new ideas and inspiration.

Dave is a permanent resident of the Northwest and has his studio at his home in Moscow, Idaho where he lives with his wife Mary. They have three children: Margaret, Stephen, and Scott.