350 tbi starts then dies

350 tbi starts then dies unable to check fuel pressure. 7. misses and runs like crap taking off. converter to make sure it is not plugged or the muffler. 1990 Chevy Truck 1990 Chevrolet C1500 Engine Stalling 1990 Chevrolet C1500 350 V8 TBI Regular Cab Short Bed 2 wheel drive 89000 miles. I get about 5 7 miles from the house at highway speed and it starts lurching accelerating and decelerating check engine light comes on and sometimes it even dies while going down the road. Re Mercruiser starts but then dies need help. Sep 24 2015 1995 chevy pickup 350 engine randomly dies Home Forums Stay Dirty Lounge Service and Repair Questions Answered Here 1995 chevy pickup 350 engine randomly dies This topic contains 11 replies has 5 voices and was last updated by John 5 years 8 months ago . Engine floods at startup and dies within 4 sec. 88 Silverado 350 TBI A T Hard start Rough Idle stalls in gea. Then when we get it going on the road it gasps and chugs for about 15 seconds and its back to normal just like it never had a problem. I replaced a timing belt on a 1997 avalon. I recommend upgrading to the 1996 Vortec 155lph fuel pump which can support up to 450hp and plugs right into a factory TBI sending unit. It was throwing codes and I replaced the IAC and EGR both bad. 10. When I put it in gear there is hardly enough power to get on pla Then start the engine and repeat the idle speed test. I replaced the ignition switch ignition module ignition coil new plugs solenoid battery alternator starter voltage regulator rewired a new line to the coil with new ballast resistor and new start line from the solenoid to the coil. Mar 31 2010 Starts great cold then stalls after about 20 min. When I give 25 amp 37 gas it seems fine for 30 seconds and then the motor acts like it is missing and revs up and down in a rythmn and then died. replaced fuel filter ignition module cap rotor PCV valve and coil. 2 years later almost to the day similar problems appeared. 7l v8 starts up fine and runs great at first. Replaced the booster. Regardless of the accuracy of the pressure gauge the engine died while there was a steady needle currently showing 32psi. TBI being a MAP sensor based system will see the leak just like opening the throttle blades and will feed the leak and then you have a high idle. Previously ran fine until I ran out of gas. Then the idle begins to slow and eventually it stalls. but it runs great when accelerating 04 09 12 08 33 PM Post 2213353 In response to Nemesis64 There 39 s a whole litany of things to check that are listed in the FAQ section at the top of the forum. After recent tune up the idle hunts almost stalls Once hot and off for a few min it starts then stalls. There is fuel getting to it and there is spark at Jun 27 2011. It runs fine but when under slightest load like disengaging clutch 1 2 3rd gear it bucks surges horribly. Car new to me please help. billr You understand right about the fuel press at 13 until engine stops the vacuum is at 20 until engine starts to die then vacuum drops. Fuel filter has been replaced and TBI was rebuilt last April but it sort of used to do something like this when it was like 40 degrees or below. This started as a surging while driving at constant rpms. Unplug the map sensor and it will stay running. 86 Answers. Starts and runs fine and then all of the sudden. It does this several times. If it 39 s a small leak the engine rpm will usually smooth out and then go back to it 39 s poor idle. I replaced IAC CTS TPS ETS EGR valve EGR solenoid FPR Injectors This could be a whole range of problems from lack of fire to engine to a bad fuel pump or pressure regulator in the TBI but if all of that is good then check the Cat. I have a 91 suburban TBI 350. Start the engine and warm to operating temperature then spray away. sounds fine when you rev with no load. I just can 39 t imagine those plugs are fouling when it runs perfectly for 50 or so revolutions or as long as the coil is firing. Discussion Starter 1 10 mo ago. 7L Chevrolet truck. Dah From a cold start for about 5 10 minutes it ran fine and then behaved like before stalling stumbling and starting really hard after stalling. So I have a 95 TBI 350 with about 190K miles on it. I 39 d suggest doing this away from home as if your engine is carboned up it 39 s going to smike like a forest fire for about 15 minutes and the smoke is thick heavy and clingy. . That 39 s why GM used it in so many vehicles for so long. but 97 Chevy k1500 runs for about a half hour then dies and won t start 2 Answers. Replaced the booster. It was throwing codes and I replaced the IAC and EGR both bad. It won t start back even with ether for another hour or so and the cycle repeats itself. Still dies in gear and will eventually die in idle. Expert. Then after about a half hour it starts to sputter and then dies and won t start. But if the ISC system still fails to respond to your command to increase idle speed or fails to maintain normal idle speed there s a problem that will The truck starts and runs great untill it warms up. First thing we replaced was the fuel filter. I changed the fuel filter had the alternator checked fuel pump makes noise each time I turn the key. can hear pump running in fuel tank. it might want more initial then 10 degrees. read more It 39 s an 87 TBI motor btw I found out today. can keep running a little longer with starting fluid sprayed into TB. This thing dies on me a few times before it will idle on its own. 350 motor 4L60E trans Motor wants to stall while in gear but doesn 39 t do it out of gear once over 1000 rpm it dosent seem to stall and it is only from a dead stop. . I advanced the timing to 4 then 6 and it would run better with greater throttle response less delay however it was not driveable. I have a 1991 GMC 2500 it has a 350 tbi recently I was driving down the road and it stalled out on me and wouldn 39 t start again. Consult a service manual or see below for any check engine light code definitions. May 05 2018 1990 tbi 350 runs ok for a sort time then runs rough then dies. Jan 03 2007 engine starts then dies lincoln towncar Hi The car in question is a 96 lincoln towncar. Yesterday morning it starts and dies after about 1 second started it again and same results. Codes are gone. 7L 350 TBI Auto 220Kmiles Its been a great truck for the most part it runs and drives great but at low idle or low rpm 39 s it missis sputters surges and if im just barely giving it any gas it almost wants to stall out. 6. However after I called AAA the guy held the gas pedal. This continues for a few minutes then the truck will stay running the rest of the day. Next day it would start normally and then dies suddenly about a minute or two after start. This TBI 305 engine starts and stalls when its WARM outside above 75 and HOT SUN is ran for 10 minutes or more Sits for 10 20 30 minutes heat soaks and 1991 GMC Sonoma ST. Iv 39 e got a 1988 Silverado A T 1500 with a 350 TBI. suggestions 99 Z 71 with a 350 5. Changing timing belt was preventative maintenance. It sounds boggy and won 39 t accelerate. for me to drive it to a garage. Using a tbi setup out of a 92 silverado 350 on a 97 vortec 350. CEL came on but father in law doesn t have a scanner to check and I m 2 hrs away. Starts great cold then stalls after about 20 min. Truck takes forever to start 15 20 seconds before it fires off . I have 68 camaro 350 engine starts then dies immediatly. You can use a late 80 s or early 90 s GM TBI definition. hey guys I have a 1993 Silverado 5. It starts easily. I then clear the codes and takes Feb 28 2015 You cannot read resistance when you have a voltage present. Battery is now low. Depending on the motor combination cam compression etc. After about 30 mins of trying and talking to it a while it started and ran fine. No backfiring when boat is in nuetral. in. Very good info. After that we ran through the tests under Fuel Pump. Starts dies restarts dies. 3L V6 TBI starts but dies at idle Low pressure from fuel pump when the pump is cold the pressure increases as it warms up the pressure drops this happens in a pump that is going out the normal pressure should be at 40 with the key on and engine not running when started the pressure should stay around 36 any less it won 39 t idle and may run as long as you hold the pedal down. Things to pay particular attention to include the TPS and the CTS. Haven 39 t pulled the plugs right after because of the difficulty to get to them. I have replaced coil plugs and wires complete distributor timing chain intake manifold gaskets EGR vacuum hoses everywhere fuel pump fuel tank fuel filter. . It will start and run perfect. Aug 29 2016 When starting cold sometimes it starts for a few sec then dies. Before replacing timing belt car was running great. If the engine now idles normally and you can command idle speed changes you ve fixed the problem a dirty idle bypass port or valve . The IAC motor can get dirty and sticky from dirt amp carbon build up which will interfere with the normal operation of the IAC valve. 5l tbi. I 39 ll go over what its doing before i get into what I 39 ve done. Pulled the Booster line off and the dying in park became sparadic. allso it doesn 39 t seem to advance timing when the wire is unplugged. May 25 2021 If it starts right up runs for a second or 2 then dies again you have just successfully isolated your problem to fuel delivery. Anyone have experience with these engines to maybe at Sep 30 2005 The problem is it does run. . So i went to the assumption that the timing chain was worn out because of previous problems where it would keep jumping time I would reset TDC and it would slip again. the vehicle starts and then stalls after several seconds. when cranked to start the spray from the injectors pulses as opposed to a steady spray. Today I got in truck on first cold start of the day. 88 chevy 2500 tbi 350 5ml60 I 39 ve been chasing this issue for a little while the truck will start and die as soon as it turns over. Re 94 39 454 TBI starts then dies 04 22 06 06 22 AM Post 920843 In response to MLO1 OK I finally got the engine to die while idling in the driveway and holding the fuel pressure gauge watching the needle. 7 1 AF mixture. 1995 chevy k1500 5. TBI itself is pretty reliable cheap to build and easy to maintain. First thing in the morning start truck it runs for a few seconds then dies. Wouldn 39 t stay running and dies when stopping. the gas pedal. So last week was the first time with the boat in the water no problems ran great. Jun 27 2013 TBI regulated pressure never went over 13psi until the 94 95 TBI 454 went to 30. It starts then dies after a couple of seconds. Thats why there really isnt much that I can do to troubleshoot it. The ecu does use ground to control things but sensors do not get controlled. I didn 39 t want to blame the fuel pump so it took 2 weeks before I replac Hey guys. Seems to take longer to restart now. Also after simply checking all of these things today it ran fine. Make sure you have the throttle above an idle perhaps half throttle so that the high idle linkage if yours has one can move freely. Finding the leak can be tricky as it can be the intake gasket on the bottom side if you are using a Chinese junk carb intake or you weren t real careful putting the intake on. Aug 07 2020 Occasionally it dies but then starts up again immediately especially if I already have my foot and the gas but not always. 7 350 throttle body injected automatic truck. Jul 31 2011 It starts firing again when it tries to rev up again then stops firing and dies. the engine is shut off the IAC will go fully closed and then open to a pre determined amount of count steps to prepare the TBI for the next engine start up. Now it idles around 675rpm and dies when it goes into gear. Does this about 10 15 times then runs fine. The truck has a NV3500 so the whole truck would surge. This week not so good. . stays running if you give her some throttle but will die as soon as she tries to idle. The way I adjust the electric chokes is when the engine is stone cold to turn the choke thermostat until the choke closes fully. Sometimes it will keep lurching for about 30 seconds and will straighten out and run fine until you come to a stop and then it dies. When I turn on the ignition it starts but dies as soon as I let go of. unplug the map she runs beautifully. I 39 ve tried the timing to 0 wire unplugged. the problem is that it dies while your driving it down the road completely random it seems. Afterward car starts runs for a minute or two then dies. Re 1993 Chevy C1500 4. Answer If the engine starts at high idle and then dies while it gets warmed it 39 s possible there is a vacuum leak. If you have access to a scan tool use a hook up for a 1990 350 cu. New parts EGR valve coolant temperature sensor fuel filter idle air control valve pcv valve air filter 1 oxygen sensor in the exhaust manifold spark plugs distributor cap and rotor. Jan 27 2004 Try bumping the initial timing up and see if the motor smooth out. Took everyone 39 s advice. If you notice a drop in RPM before it dies the choke may need adjustment too tight the carburetor may be flooding or the float level is very high. Dec 20 2016 Help with 350 TBI timing advance I need to do valve seals on my 94 but till then when it starts getting a pretty bad miss I know it 39 s time to change the plugs Apr 26 2018 350 tbi. 5. Let it sit for 15 20 minutes then drive the truck. I have a 91 Silverado K1500 4x4 5. First I start with a new Fuel pump STOCK 75lph TBI fuel pump will only support about 230hp before the fuel pressure drops like a rock. Has gas now and behaves as above. 90 350 TBI burb. Had it towed to a friends where we pulled out the Chilton book and began troubleshooting. you think it would pick up or stall. An o2 can show lean from an exhaust leak or un commanded air from a faulty diverter valve from the smog pump if you have it being stuck and sending air to the . Need to open throttle to have it start. for a GM TBI application to read the data or to check for stored codes. Start it again and it runs a couple seconds then dies. The other day I was going down the highway and the dashboard lights kept coming on and going off it felt like the car was turning off and then turning back on over and over again. Jul 31 2011. You might find that 14 18 provide better idle quality and as long as the motor starts easy the higher the initial the better. down for a couple of minutes and it then worked at least long enough. Most recent problem is it won 39 t rev past 3600 RPM. IT would not start immediately after. Heres my problem. Next morning starts all over again. Now it idles around 675rpm and dies when it goes into gear. To check for system air leaks use a spray bottle of soapy water. Here is the issue. Sounds like its running great in open loop then when the ECM goes to open loop it runs like shit. The are Feb 13 2015 Good afternoon all I am having a bit of trouble with my 88 2. Codes are gone. Pulled the Booster line off and the dying in park became sparadic. Very noticeable in second gear at about 25 mph. Still dies in gear and will eventually die in idle. Once it 39 s up to opperating temp. When completely cold I hit the key and it runs perfectly. when in gear its 1. Wouldn 39 t stay running and dies when stopping. Then pour the rest of the can in as fast as it 39 ll go until the engine dies. . swapped all the sensors from a running 350 tbi motor ignition ESC knock sensor computer and prom well. running rich that way but no issues and has 18 in of vacuum at Mar 10 2009 1990 OBS 350 TBI stalls and dies The 1988 Again fired right up drove it a few miles then it starts cutting out sputtering check engine light goes on and off. While the boat is in neutral I can rev the engine up to 5 6000 Rpm sounds perfect. This is all cold running because it won 39 t run long enough to get the engine hot or in a closed loop. I replaced the ignition switch ignition module ignition coil new plugs solenoid battery alternator starter voltage regulator rewired a new line to the coil with new ballast resistor and new start line from the solenoid to the coil. when it is running the idle eventually smooths out and runs ok. . It dies but it will start right back up again. Jan 06 2007 This is unmeasured air and will play havoc on your O2 sensor 39 s and ECM 39 s attempt to keep that 14. . 7l tbi. when it dies there is no rough running process before or after and it starts right back up after turning the key off then back on. no help . My 97 Chevy k1500 5. Mar 31 2007 90 350 TBI burb. it idles not bad then it almost has a faint stutter then when I stick it in drive it stalls. It will start over and over but won 39 t continue to run. Stock 350 and it will start and run for a few seconds then die. It was 9 years old and when we blew into it there was a lot of restriction. 350 tbi starts then dies