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Vantage Point

Vantage Point

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Water Fowl

Fall Gathering

Fall Gathering

A male and two female wood ducks are seen relaxing on a peaceful pond in fall. These ducks have unique and beautiful coloring which is easily identified, even from a distance. The wood duck breeds in North America and can be found in many marsh or swamp habitats. Go out and see some wood ducks!





Birds of Prey


Country Road

Birds of Prey are majestic and their eyesight and hunting skills make them some of the worlds most efficient hunters. Their power and speed of flight have long made them symbols of strength and authority.  This American kestrel is seen hovering over an Idaho country road preparing to catch some dinner.






Song Birds

DG_Chickadee copy

Song birds are our back yard birds here in North America.  They are fun and charming additions to any scene.  This black capped chickadee is perched along a fall maple looking for the next best place to send out his signature song to let us all know he’s there.